Life is too big just for small talk.

We’re on a mission to bring back the lost art of conversation and connection in a digital world.

Trigger Conversations is a human connection organisation that sees conversation as an opportunity for adventure and discovery. We are engineers of serendipity and have the tools to help people connect in a more authentic way. As facilitators and question curators we have developed a formula that extracts curiosity, courage and joy from even the most sceptical.  

How? We create spaces that banish small talk at the door and strip people of their work labels. Instead, we invite participants to simply, be real. At our events, we are not our jobs, but humans. 

The result?  Real connections. Fresh ideas. Liberating conversations.

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Our Story

In 2016, I was bored and frustrated with being asked 'what do you do' every time I met someone new. 

It felt like I was constantly repeating her elevator pitch to people who didn’t seem that interested. I felt labelled by my job, socially undernourished and disconnected in a world that is becoming ‘more globally connected’. Sound familiar? 

I craved a good DMC (that’s a Deep Meaningful Conversation).  Where you can enjoy being in a co-created moment, being seen and present with no idea where it is you are going. It is organic, playful and full of insights and discovery about yourself, others and the world. And extremely liberating. 

Good conversations are the playground we often get to just by accident. And I didn’t want to just stumble upon it by accident. I wanted to know how to walk towards a good conversation on purpose and with confidence.

Which lead me to ask this question: 

How can we engineer meaningful and stimulating conversations so that they happen more often?’

Trigger Conversations was born. 

You can read our story in full here. Or hear some of it below.

How It Works

Conversation Events

Conversation Events

Conversation Training

Conversation Training

Transformational Conversations Programme

Transformational Conversations Programme

Corporate and Tailored Events

Corporate and Tailored Events

Trigger Conversations offers events, short trainings and development programmes to the general public and to corporate organisations. Our flagship Trigger Conversations event brings strangers together to have deep and meaningful conversations in a positive and supportive environment. With our wealth of experience creating environments in which others can have better conversations, we have further crafted trainings that helps people have truly transformational conversations on a daily basis, both in and out of the workplace.

The Trigger Effect

Where do I begin!? The #triggereffect is real. Trigger evenings have transformed the way I converse…permanently! It tapped into my dormant curiosity, and I realised that conversations with everyone can be such an adventure – deep AND playful. I used to think I was introverted because I was de-energised by the same surface-level conversations. Now, anyone who knows me thinks I am the biggest extrovert there is! I realised we all have so much to offer in conversation without trying so hard and without needing tons of knowledge. All I had to do was show up, smile, listen with compassion and be curious! I cannot tell you how much magic there is in that simple recipe. It’s changed my relationship with myself – so much more self-love, which filters into every aspect of my life. It’s no coincidence that I have made more lasting connections and friendships in the last year than I have in the last 6 years combined. Thank you Trigger, seriously!
— Haneen

Such a great night. The format is designed to helpfully and easily bring strangers together - and guarantees no awkwardness, just interesting and insightful connections and conversations. If you see this and think “hmm... I’m probably the sort of person who enjoy this but I’m not quite sure”, then just go, I promise you’ll be so happy you did!
— Henry
Trigger Conversations is an amazing and fresh concept/company, and I highly recommend attending the very next event if you haven’t been before! I felt so at ease at the event, and found I was happily and effortlessly pouring out my deepest thoughts and secrets to (previously) perfect strangers right from the start. Georgie, the founder, is incredibly warm and welcoming, and makes sure everyone feels welcome and part of the Trigger fam from the moment you walk through the door.
— Anna

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