TEDx April 2018. Talking to Strangers: How to Have a Meaningful Conversation 

Georgie is one of the few people I’ve met with a natural ability to speak on a stage. She draws the crowd in with natural pauses that let the audience feel, and questions that force them to think introspectively. Georgie was a pleasure work with as we prepared for the TED stage. I also had fun pondering random thoughts with her. She’s a great person, and a speaker that anyone would be lucky to learn from.
— Simon (TEDx Goodenough College, Speaker Manager)

Do we want to be 'more' connected or 'better' connected? 

In May 2018, I got the amazing opportunity of standing in front of 260 people at TEDxGoodenoughCollege in my purple trousers and telling them how I am weird and why we need to own this part of our identity, if we want others to reveal their true selves too. 

I spoke about my boredom and frustration with having the same meaningless conversations on repeat, how we are not just our jobs, how conversations can change the way you see the world and how by talking to strangers you belong everywhere and anywhere, not just with friends and family. 

My 5 tips for having a meaningful conversation with a stranger: 
1. Be the lighthouse
2. Be curious
3. Shut up
4. Ask great questions
5. Share the real you

And I left the audience with an invitation to 'go first' - to talk to strangers in their everyday life. 

Give yourself permission to start an open-ended conversation with a stranger. And share your story to show others how easy and nourishing these moments can be.

LDN Talks at Night: Quit Your Job and Follow Your Dreams


I've spoken twice at 'LDN Talks at Night: Quit Your Job and Follow Your Dreams' about my founder journey - the challenges, joy and self-discovery roller coaster involved when leaving full-time work to launch and build your passion project into a business. 

I Just listened to the podcast you were interviewed on. It really made me stop and listen. I knew I had enjoyed the events but listening to the podcast made me reflect on why. Each event I have had conversations I never normally get to have. I am the kind of person that invites conversation from strangers regularly but a) I dislike small talk and b) I am terrible at it. So this allows me to engage in the kind of conversation I relish in with people who want to engage. It has also inspired me to challenge myself to stop asking boring questions. I also loved hearing how you developed the concept. It is solving such a basic need in this day and age to communicate with people beyond the mundane. Yet we struggle so much to do this on our own. I feel so happy to be involved and be able to participate. Thank you!
— Pippa, General Manager

What I Speak About

Here are a few suggestions... and I'm sure there are more. 



  • How to Talk to Strangers (inc. on the tube!)
  • Being Real in Conversation
  • The Curiosity Mindset 
  • How to Navigate Small Talk
  • How to Engineer Meaningful Conversations
  • The Power of Serendipity 
  • Charisma 
  • Connection, Belonging and Community
  • Self-Love & Compassion
  • Development a Resilient Mindset 
  • Being a Solo Female Founder
  • From Idea to Launch 
  • Networking and Community Building 
  • Designing and Running Events and Workshops
  • Building a Brand via Facebook and Word of Mouth
  • Dealing with Stress, Self-Care, Health
  • Building a Team
  • Public Speaking
  • Planning & Operations
  • Using Intuition to Guide You

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