My Story


So, Who is Georgie?

Our identity is a story, a linear narrative, woven from our experiences, creating a structure we call "me". It helps us understand ourselves, and it helps others understand who we are.

In my life, experiences have led to experiences, weaving the tapestry of my life further. The fact we exist is completely by luck, and one day we will no longer exist. So I live life in the now, trusting that the dots will connect as time goes on.

And sure enough, having researched back through my life, though I have fluctuated somewhat, I have discovered that there are threads, a sense of me that has persisted.  If I have fluctuated, it is because I have given myself permission to break out of defined structures.

So what remains are a series of dots, patterns forming, a story being told, an ending yet to be discovered.

The information below may not seem linear, but it is all interconnected, and it is me. The good, the bad, and even the very small, has transformed me, making way for bigger things to come.

So, here are the dots, the story of me so far, (and one or two notes on my beliefs, peculiarities and superpowers, the stuff that truly makes us human!)

Work Experience, Skills & Abilities

You can check out my LinkedIn for the full-ish history.

I didn’t include the tuck shop I ran from my locker as a child (success), or the made-by-yourself perfume stand I ran one summer (failure), but looking back these were most certainly the beginnings of my journey into entrepreneurship.

Before Trigger Conversations, I worked as a Project Manager, and my last contract involved managing the migration of 500 scientists and staff, plus all their equipment, from two legacy sites over a 8 month period to the new Francis Crick Institute. Being a PM is one of those jobs that allows you to learn lots of roles.

Qualifications & Education

My curiosity has constantly driven me through and beyond my comfort zone. I’m addicted to personal development, facing my weaknesses head on. As a result, I've collected a number of degrees and awards:

  • MA (Hons) Philosophy - Uni of Edinburgh - 2:1
  • MSc Emotions, Credibility & Deception - Uni of central Lancashire - Distinction (Applied Linguistics and Psychology)
  • PG Cert Forensic Emotion Awareness  at The Emotional Intelligence Academy (Modules in Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) -Merit; Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC)- Merit; The Anatomy of the Face (FACS), Attentiveness and Mindfulness- Merit, The Autonomic Nervous System - Distinction, Interviewing and Conversation Management - Merit
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching - Animas Centre for Coaching
  • New Entrepreneurs Foundation: Class of 2019
  • Philosophy Foundation Specialist - Level 2

And less formally...

  • 21 months of  Running Trigger Conversation Events and Workshops
  • Decades of Talking to Strangers
  • Charisma Coaching
  • Improvisation Classes
  • Psychology Undergraduate Modules at University
  • Zouk Partner Dancing
  • Meditation + Mindfulness Training
  • Reading & Research - I've read hundreds of books and articles around these themes

My Paradigms - Some of My Beliefs:

  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 
  • I live to learn. The best habit I have ever developed is curiosity, and a day without discovery is day wasted.
  • Conversations change the world. Every relationship starts with a conversation.  Strangers are all potential friends. Everyone is both weird and interesting. People represent new opportunities. New ideas, new perspectives, access to more people and more potential. 
  • Experiences lead to experiences, weaving the tapestry of self further. The dots will connect later.
  • The fact I exist is completely by luck. One day I won't exist again. Life is for the living. Everything exists in the now.
  • I love staring out the window, thinking, making a plan, then making it happen. Most things are possible. Where there is a will, there is a way. 
  • I have a voice. You have a voice. We all have voices.


  • Running up escalators and stairs quickly.
  • Creating the space for deep conversations really quickly (where people share their true feelings and thoughts)
  • Deep Listening, being curious and asking questions.
  • Smiling (Current contagion record = 80%. Aiming for 90%).
  • Not giving up!
  • Oh yes, and talking to strangers on the tube, because everyone thinks it is impossible, but really isn’t isn’t hard.

What Makes Me Weird

I wear a lot of purple. You might have noticed my purple trousers in many of the photos on the main page. I just love colour.

There is more. Come and get to know me and I will happily share...